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Benefits of a Pre-sale Inspection

A Pre-sale Building and Pest Inspection can be a great way for sellers to maximise their chances of a hassle-free sale and to get the best possible price. Why?  Because the pre-sale report gives sellers a true, unbiased assessment of the property.  That way if there are faults within the structure sellers have the opportunity to rectify them before potential buyers view the property – and have the same faults highlighted in the building report that they commission themselves.

When defects are found while a property is under contract buyers may try to negotiate a discount on the agreed sales price. In worst-case scenarios the contract collapses altogether. Sometimes sellers are unaware that there are termites lurking behind their walls or rot is spreading undetected however the sales negotiations stage is not the best time to find out.

To avoid such complications, a Pre-Sale Building and Pest Inspections puts sellers in the driving seat of their sale by giving them the opportunity to rectify faults ahead of time and to be fully aware of the condition of the structure based on unbiased, unemotional expert advice.

In addition, it gives all parties involved in a sale a sense of confidence because everything is laid on the table up front.

Pre-sale Inspection preparation

To prepare for us before we come to inspect your home which will allow us to give you the quality service we promise. Before we attend the site:

  • Try and have on hand council approvals and plans in order for us to determine the viability of existing buildings.
  • Move large objects away from walls and remove cars out of the garage so we can check these areas thoroughly.
  • We inspect all accessible areas! The subfloor, roof space and the electricity box so be sure to leave these areas that normally locked open for the inspector to check.
  • Aggressive or over friendly dogs should be removed for the period of the inspection.
  • Provide any information you may have to assist the inspector making a determination about your property and its history.
  • Termite or termite barrier information will also be useful for the inspectors to advise the potential purchasers what the dwelling will require in the future to prevent termite ingress and protection.

When presented to any potential buyers we will be free to answer their concerns with the purchase of your property and explain our reports and inspections practices to them.


  • QBCC Builder - Medium Rise License Number 1048753
  • QBCC Completed Residential Building Inspection License Number 1048753

Organise a pre-sale building Inspection with us by free calling 1800 466 456 or emailing us on or please make an online booking.