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Building Inspections

A Pre-purchase Building Inspection by Building and Pest Inspection Services will provide you with a thorough report on a building’s condition so that you know exactly what you are buying.

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Timber Pest Inspections

Termite Inspection & Timber Pest inspection

A Pre-purchase Pest Inspection will determine whether the structure is affected by termites, wood borers, fungi or chemical delignification. We will conduct a thorough examination of all...

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Pre-Sale Inspections

A Pre-sale Building and Pest Inspection can be a great way for sellers to maximise their chances of a hassle-free sale and to get the best possible price. Why?  Because the pre-sale report gives sellers...

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Handover or Practical completion report

Handover reports are for people who have just had a new house or structure built. Sometimes they are called practical completion reports. Special emphasis is put on finding defects that...

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Pool Safety Inspections & Pool safety Certificates

Out of everything, your family and your families safety is number one. At Building and pest Inspections Services we understand how important you’re and your family is.

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Asbestos Registers and Audits

Asbestos registers are needed by Government legislation for all properties built before December 31 of the year 1989. They ensure that the location of asbestos containing materials is known and...

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Dilapidation Surveys

Dilapidation surveys are a record of the current condition of a property before undertaking of adjacent development or construction work. Development works can include be construction of new, road works, buildings, demolition or alteration of retaining walls.

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Commercial Property Inspection

Commercial Building Inspections

Why risk purchasing a structure that ends up costing thousands to fix afterwards – a commercial property inspection makes sure our investment is safe and will not cost you thousands to repair.

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Areas Serviced

Building and pest inspection services are here to provide you with quality, detailed and unbiased reports. We do not have any affiliations with real estate agents and do not provide agents with kickbacks for referrals.

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Methamphetamine House Inspection

Whether you are a landlord who is looking for new tenants or you are an individual looking at buying a property, a Methamphetamine inspection could be of interest to you.

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