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Commercial Building Inspections

Why risk purchasing a structure that ends up costing thousands to fix afterwards – a commercial property inspection makes sure our investment is safe and will not cost you thousands to repair.

Our qualified building experts will undertake a commercial property inspection and complete an extensive inspection. You will know about the precise condition of the property and whether there are any serious building faults and its true condition.

Building and Pest inspections Services Pty Ltd is Queensland’s leading provider of independent property inspection services. With a number of highly qualified and independent building inspectors, Building and Pest inspections Services are the leading commercial property inspection experts.

Purchasing a commercial property is a huge financial commitment and risk. A building and pest inspections services inspection will show any significant faults, damage or future problems so you can help avoid unplanned repairs and negotiate better terms for the property purchase.

What if you buy a property with hidden faults you haven't budgeted for?

If you buy a property with hidden faults, it could:

  • Cost you many thousands of dollars to fix.
  • Reduce your potential income stream while repairs are conducted.
  • You could be forced you to borrow more money to repair the faults.
  • Hold your finances to Ransom for months or years.
  • This additional cost is added to your loans, could increase your repayments and reduce the capital gain when you go to sell!

Our Licenses

  • QBCC Builder - Medium Rise License Number 1048753
  • QBCC Completed Residential Building Inspection License Number 1048753

Organise a Commercial Building Inspection with us by free calling 1800 466 456 or emailing us on or please make an online booking.