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6 Reasons to use a Qualified Building and Pest Inspector

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For the most Australians, the biggest and most costly purchase we make in our life is our home - and you don’t want to take a risk of employing an unqualified building and pest inspector just to save a few dollars.

The only state in Australia that requires a pre-purchase building and pest inspector to be licensed is Queensland, which means in other states literally anybody without relevant license, experience or qualifications can claim to be a building and pest inspector.

Building and pest inspections are an important part of the property buying and selling process that provides all the parties involved with peace of mind. Building and pest inspections can also be used as a warranty on your new building within 12 months and to rectify any mistakes a builder may have made during the build.

Why do we need a Qualified Building and pest Inspector?

1. Legal requirements

According to Australian Standard 4349.1., it is a legal requirement for a Building Inspector to be licensed. Our experienced and qualified building and pest inspectors have a broad knowledge of Australian Standards in the construction industry, Building Code of Australia, the Building Act, the Building Regulations and various Australian Standards in the construction industry.

2. Peace of mind

Having a qualified building and pest inspector, you will guarantee to get a appropriate and accurate building and pest report provided to you. With over 50% of property pre-purchase reports ending up in dispute, you are better off to invest correctly and have a clear properly advised mind throughout the purchase process.

3. Making the right choice

The building and pest inspection report provided by a qualified building and pest inspector is a result of extensive industry knowledge from all the building trades; from concreting to tiling, roofing and even landscaping, allowing you to make the right decision over your property purchase. Check your building and pest inspector’s licence and complaints history

4. Discover hidden faults

A qualified building and pest inspector can use Thermal Imaging to uncover any hidden damage heat sources or moisture sources not evident to the naked eye. Aloes the existence of termites and or structural damage is technical and needs to be best left to and experts. Termite damage can cost you up thousands to fix, it is better to find the problem now rather than later by hiring a qualified building and pest inspector.

5. Sellers may provide you with reports

Pre-ready to purchase building and pest inspection reports could easily be out of date. Remember that the cheaper the report may be, the less building and pest inspection may have been carried out. 

Do you really want to jeopardise your safety to an unqualified building and pest inspector? Do not trust them and hire your own independent and qualified building inspector.

6. Insurance 

Under the QBCC legislation a Building and pest inspector can forgo his insurance if it deemed too expensive. If this is the case said inspector has to tell their client they have no insurance upon first contact. Many building inspectors for obvious reasons do not say hey by the way I am not insured. So always ask the inspector what insurance he or she carries to ensure you are covered and protected.

Who is a qualified building inspector?

A person holding a Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) current Completed Residential Building Inspection license - is a qualified building inspector. (Australian Standard 4349.1.) It is beyond important that any person you appoint to do a Building Inspection has the right licence.

Building and Pest Inspection services Pty Ltd License: Queensland Building and Construction Commission Licence No: 1048753

Insurance Accreditation Number: 01304 Rapid Solutions

Building and Pest Inspection services Pty Ltd License: is a fully Qualified Building inspection company and we strive to provide our clients with a high-quality building and pest inspection services at the best prices.

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